21° Grado Olympic Triathlon - no draft - Gold rank - FVG Tri Cup

h 17:30 Event open - Parco delle Rose - Grado
h 18:00 Tri Bike course preview
h 18:00-20:00 Athletes registration
h 8:30–11:30 Athletes registration
h 11:30 Transition area : bike check-in open
h 12:30 Transition area : bike check-in closed
h 12:30 Technical briefing
h 13:00 1° women wave start
h 13:20 2° men wave start
h 13:25 3° men wave start
h 13:30 4° men wave start
h 13:35 5° men wave start
h 15:00 Refreshment
h 17:00 Award cerimony
h 17:30 Bike check-out last call

Race distance

Olympic Triathlon (swim 1500m – bike 40km – run 10km)

Race course

• Swim ** m. 1500 rectangular and clockwise path
• Bike km. 40 single flat lap - ♦ Bike map ♦
• Run km. 10 n.4 laps - ♦ Run map ♦


All athletes should have a valid F.I.TRI license.
The foreign athletes should have a valid license issued by their National Federation (ITU compliance).
Athletes who do NOT have a valid license, can participate requiring a Day Pass and must present an Italian medical statement that attest they enjoy perfect health and are suitable for sporting activities, especially triathlon.
(F.I.TRI Rule. 8.4 about daily pass)


• Junior m/f 2001 - 2000 (age 18-19 )
• Senior m/f 1999-1980
• Master m/f 1979 ->


Timing service by MY SDAM
The chip will be supplied by the organization and must be returned at the end of the race
in the arrival area.

Technical package

Bib number, bike sticker, helmet sticker, bag deposit sticker, swimming cap and timing chip

Race package

• event t-shirt
• sport gadget
• finger energy bar

Race refreshment

• single place
• 1° lap at km. 0,4
• 2° lap at km. 2.5
• 3° lap at km. 5
• 4° lap at km. 7,5

Medical service

n.2 doctor , n.3 ambulances, n.6 paramedic personnel


WC – Shower at 30 m. from transition area

Cut-off time

For safety reason the cut-off time to complete the threee segments are:
• swim 50min
• bike 2h 30min from starting of the swim wave
• run 3h 30min from starting of the swim wave

Water temperature

The swim course is located on the adriatic sea in front of “Parco delle Rose” beach. The use of the wetsuit will be fixed only on the day of the race. During the competition of the previous year the use of wetsuit was allowed.
(if water temperature is lower than 15.9 ° C wetsuit is mandatory, from 15.9 ° C to 22 ° C is optional, if water temperature higher is than 22 °C wetsuite is prohibited)


In the cycling fraction draft is not allowed and for this type of competition we refer to the art.109 of the FITRI 2018 Technical Regulations. The athletes in the cycling fraction must maintain a distance of not less than 10 m. (distance from the front wheel of the bike to the front wheel of the bike in front); overtaking must be carried out within 20 sec. of time. The judges will supervise the correct behavior of the athletes and will be able to sanction with:
• 1st warning, whistle, calling the bib number, blue card, 2 minutes penalty
• 2nd warning, disqualification
The penalty will be served in the penalty box located on the race track, where the bib numbers of the sanctioned athletes will be displayed.


• The first 10 Men and Women in the absolute category
• The first 3 ranked of each male and female age group category will receive special awards
• The first ranked of each male and female age group category will receive free registration for 2019 edition

Price money

1° €550, 2°€350, 3° €300, 4° €250, 5° €150, 6°-7°-8°- 9°-10° €100


- Car parking available at 200 meters from the transition area.
- The Municipal Police will chair the points of closure to traffic in the routes.
- Assistance staff (organized by the organization) will be present on the routes.
- At the arrival area will be set up a refreshment and water bottle.
- For the duration of the event there will be a doctor, ambulances and adequate paramedics.
- The nearest health center is located in via Tasso n. 3 in Grado and is 2.5 km from the Parco delle Rose.
- The Monfalcone hospital in via Galvani n.1 is 24 km from the Parco delle Rose.

How to get there

By car: From the highway A4 Venice-Trieste and A23 Tarvisio-Udine exit at Palmanova (which is 28 km from Grado) and take the road SS352 towards Cervignano del Friuli, Aquileia- Grado


Info on www.letsgotriathlon.it


The partecipating athlete, with the application, declares to knowm and accept the regulation of the 2019 edition of Let'sGoTriathlon Grado, publishied on the web site www.letsgotriathlon.it. He/she declares expressly on his/her own responsibility not only to have declared the truth (art.2 law 4/1/2003 n°15 modified by art.3 c. 10 law 15/5/1997 n°127) but to exempt the organizers from any responsibility both civil and penal about damages to people and/or thing caused by him/her or taken to him/her.
Image rights: with the application at the Let'sGoTriathlon Grado 2019, the athlete expressly authorizes the organization to acquire the right to use still and / or moving images on which it may appear, on all media, including promotional and / or advertising materials, in all the world and for the maximum time required by the laws, regulations and treaties in force, including any extension that could be made to the expected period.
Pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 196 of 30/06/2003 (Consolidated Law on Privacy) we inform you that personal data are collected regarding the list of participants, the ranking and the historical archive, to provide the services declared in the regulations, for the dispatch of informative or advertising material of the Let'sGoTriathlon 2019 event or of its partners.
For anything not specified, reference is made to the FITRI technical regulation.